Abdelkrim Louaar Dt ben Ahmed from a nomadic Tuareg and Arab family from the illizi region, located in Tassilin’Ajjer South Algeria, We not only have a great passion for the desert, but also something personal. The founder of Tafassasset art Voyages – Abdelkrim louaar Dt Ben Ahmed – is a son of the desert and was born in the Algerian Sahara in the Hoggar mountains as a Tuareg nomad, where he spent his childhood in the traditional nomadic camp. he started school, his family moved near the city. He spent his youth there, entered the University of Tizi Ouzou after passing his baccalaureate and obtained an engineering degree.

Abdelkrim and his team put their infrastructure and knowledge at your disposal to create your exceptional trip to the Algerian desert.

Who knows the Algerian south and the desert better than the nomads themselves?

Abdelkrim, accompanied by his team, will share with you the sensitivity of Algeria and Morocco and Niger and Mauritania and Tunisia and Libya and Chad, his culture, his values ​​which have been transmitted to him by his family from generation to generation. If you want to discover the many facets of this little piece of paradise, it is imperative that you be accompanied by nomads! the Tuareg and the Arabs and the Toubou and the Fulani.

never been sent to the desert: Tafassasset Art Voyages is a tour operator specializing in trips to the deserts of this world. Countless people – especially in industrialized countries – feel a deep desire for an original life. You want to escape the sensory overload and pressure of our days, enjoy untouched, vast and almost deserted landscapes, focus your thoughts on the essentials and simply feel yourself again

The attraction of deserts lies in the clarity of their barren and at the same time beautiful forms, the vastness of their endless landscape and the harsh vitality and frugality of the people, animals and plants that live there. Anyone who knows deserts knows that they are not only barren and inhospitable, but also touch the soul like no other landscape.

We are well aware that tourism does not only have positive effects on the sensitive ecosystem of the desert. We face the resulting responsibility through an environmentally and socially responsible mode of transport, which mainly benefits the inhabitants. we believe that people who are valued and shared in success are not only the best guarantors of the preservation of these unique living spaces, but also the well-being and safety of our guests.

With us you can travel the most beautiful desert landscapes of Africa, Arabian, our trips focusing on the Sahara and Eastern countries. Although we want and seek encounters with the people of the countries where we travel, maintain close contact with local companions and are interested in the cultures of our travel countries, most of our travels clearly focus on the experiences of nature and the immensity of the landscapes. The more a region appears empty and hostile to life, the more fulfilling and livable it is for us. The name says it all: Tafassasset – the desert determines travel destinations.

We would be delighted if we could arouse your interest in our way of travelling. Here you can find out more about us :