Raid in the Red Tadrart, 22 or 17 or 14 days in the heart of narrow canyons, rocky peaks, winding arches, sandstone castles and cave paintings and engravings swallowed by the scarlet sand.

Further than the Tassili there is another Tassili, more contrasted and more intolerant: the Tadrart, a natural continuation of the Akakus. You walk through blazing dunes and bundles of rocky peaks.
The Tadrart is a sandstone massif located in the south-east of Algeria, within the Tassili Cultural Park in the Algerian Sahara. The region is the famous capital of cave paintings, a window open to the prehistoric past of our humanity. The desert has not always been this arid expanse, La Tadrart Rouge is proof of that. During its Neolithic era, it was a very rainy region, covered with savannah vegetation where human and animal life was prosperous. The massif, which culminates at 1,340 m in altitude, is made up of a series of wadis from west to east which are lost in the erg of Tin Merzouga, of which Wadi In Djaren is the most important. Erosion has created many natural arches and other ruiniform rocks. The Tadrart is famous for its dune streams whose sand color varies from red to yellow to white.

Your Raid follows a chaotic route from one circus to another where the reliefs have been shaped by the waters. From Tehe Tan-Tahadj and its rock carvings, you reach Aoudanej and Telafazou, the gateway to the canyon with cliffs notched with carvings and crimson with paintings to the sandstone chimneys of Hararouf. As you approach Tin Merzouga, your path is dotted with natural arches, rocky needles rising from the dunes to cirques surrounded by flamboyant dunes. A dreamlike landscape where sunlight becomes the conductor of the shades of the ergs.

Along the route, rock paintings and engravings of a vanished life abound, moving memories of our past.

Raid: Oued Ought Tadrart :
05 Nov 18 2023
01.11.2023 – 15.11.2023
22.11.2023 – 06.12.2023
07.02.2024 – 21.02.2024
21.02.2024 – 06.03.2024
30.10.2024 – 13.11.2024
20.11.2024 – 04.12.2024
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The accompaniments of a group of tourists from the Tunisian border or ports of Algeria.