We propose in this raid a route including the dunes of the Erg Bougharat and Erg Isaouane-n-Irarraren deserts and Taganat Massif de Imirhou Eevery few Westerners have had the privilege of crossing the Lut desert, we will do a 22-day immersion there which will delight lovers of wide open desert spaces, bivouacs in the sand, dune crossings… This edition is aimed at a priori to those who are nostalgic for the times when we crossed the Ahnet, Tassili Hoggar. The Lut desert brings together all types of Saharan landscapes/terrains, its crossing requires prior experience and a well-equipped 4×4.

Information :
From 10 November to 31 November 2023.
From April 04 to April 24, 2024
Talab Larbi Erg Bougharat and Fadnoun novel program > request itinerary 2024: contact@tafassasset-voyages.com

More information :
The accompaniments of a group of tourists from the Tunisian border or ports of Algiers or Mostaganem.