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If you want to know the sensations offered by the desert, without the constraints of life in a bivouac, this trip is made for you. Every morning you leave aboard your 4x4 to discover the spectacular geological treasures embedded in this part of the desert: high mountainous reliefs, volcanic massifs, steep cliffs, immense crystalline plateaus covered with lava... and every evening you find the comfort of your hotel.

A gentle expedition, which will give you great emotions and leave you with lasting memories.

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Day 01


Flight to Tamanrasset, on a scheduled flight via Algiers. HAS your arrival, welcome and support by our local team
Tuareg. Transfer to hotel or hostel. Overnight in Tamanrasset.

Day 02


After breakfast, formation of the expedition and departure in 4x4, with the guide in the volcanic and mysterious country of the blue men by a track strewn with rocky cones offering prestigious panoramas in the Atakor massif. This first morning will be marked by an impressive discovery and emblematic : the peak of Iharen. Along the way, we will discover also the Neolithic “Aderni” tomb in Oued Mezoulit, rock carvings and gueltas. Arrive late afternoon at refuge. Dinner and night at the refuge.
overed with black lava and bordered by steep cliffs. Lunch en route. Return to Tamanrasset. Dinner and night at the hotel or at the inn.

Day 03


After breakfast at the refuge, departure in 4x4 to discover
of the impressive Hoggar landscape: a prodigious universe made of high mountainous reliefs and volcanic massifs which offer an aspect of dismantled craters, of needles pointing towards the sky, of spurs, immense crystalline plateaus covered with black lava and bordered by steep cliffs. Lunch en route. Return to Tamanrasset.
Dinner and night at the hotel or at the inn.

Day 04


Free day with full board to discover the curiosities of the town of Tamanrasset, and do some shopping.
Overnight at hotel or hostel in Tamanrasset.

Tamanrasset :
Tamanrasset, the red city, is located in the extreme south of the country, it covers an area of 557,906 km2, i.e. a quarter of the territory national. It is at the heart of the movement of the populations of the region and the main crossroads of trade between North Africa and the
southern countries. You will have plenty of time to discover its neighborhoods lively, its colorful African market where groceries mingle, fabric squares…, its museum exhibiting all the natural wealth and human of Hoggar. You can also visit the Soro Moussa Ag Amastane, vestige of a construction built in a Saharan style and with traditional materials. Built by Amenokal Moussa Ag Amastane around 1916-1918, and having served as a place of residence for the Amenokal. His tomb is not far from the vestige, in a setting very captivating oasis.

Tuareg society :

The Tuaregs settled in the Sahara, then on the borders to
divide their territory into several parts. Population counts more than 1 million inhabitants spread over 5 countries:
Niger, Mali, Burkina-Faso, Libya, and Algeria with approximately 20,000 Tuaregs who are divided between Tamanrasset in Ahaggar and Djanet in Tassili N'Ajjers. Tuareg society is made up of several tribes and is hierarchized in a feudal way under a lord called Amenokhal. Each tribe has its own leader called Amghar. These are the chiefs of each tribe who elect the Amenokhal.

Day 05


After breakfast, departure in 4x4 to discover another
part of the desert on the outskirts of Tamanrasset. YOU
cross wadis to Adriane, who will reveal its landscape to you chaotic and impressive. Lunch en route.
Return to Tamanrasset. Dinner and night at the hotel or at the inn.

Day 06


After breakfast, departure for Abalessa, Village of Ahaggar
located about 80 km east of Tamanrasset. It is one of the most ancient and most important centers of culture with Idélès and Tazrouk, since the cultivation of the lands of Ahaggar at the end of the Nineteenth century. This town is famous for the Tomb of Tin Hinan, mythical ancestor and queen of the Tuaregs. This woman would have arrived
in the Ahaggar region and would have lived there in the 4th or 5th century century A.D. In 1925, archaeologists discovered almost d'Abalessa a vault with a skeleton belonging to a woman, as well as as his furniture. They attributed the skeleton to Tin Hinan. Lunch en route.
Return to Tamanrasset, appreciating the natural scenery that reveals to you this very characteristic region.
Dinner and night at the hotel or at the inn.

Day 07


After breakfast, last day of the expedition to
Tagmart, which will once again unveil its geological treasures spectacular. Lunch en route.
Return to Tamanrasset. Dinner and overnight at the hotel or hostel.

Day 08


Breakfast at the hotel or inn.
Afternoon or free day in Tamanrasset, depending on the return flight schedule.
Transfer with assistance to Tamanrasset airport.
Flight to France on a special flight.


• Price from:

1 person: 1100 €

2 personshare 600 €

3 to 5 people: 500 €

6 to 10 people: €440

11 to 18 people: €300

19 people and more: 250 €.




• From Algiers or Oran (departure from the provinces, contact us)

• Full board

• Mode of transport: 4x4

• Level of difficulty: easy

• Type of accommodation: 6 nights in a hotel or hostel in Tamanrasset, 1 night at the Assekrem refuge

• 4 participants minimum

• 12 participants maximum

• Best season to experience this trip: from the end of October to the end of April.


• Discovery of the high mountainous reliefs of the Hoggar massif which are among the most unique on our planet

• Meeting with the inhabitants of the oases and discovery of their original traditions and culture.

• The serenity of the hermitage of Assekrem in the heart of Atakor.

• The unforgettable view of the sunset over Assekrem (on a clear day).

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