Over the past few years, we have noticed that our travelers were very sensitive to the confirmation of circuits.

And for good reason ! What could be more unfair than planning a circuit, registering… and being told 20 days before departure that the circuit cannot take place, for lack of participants!

This is why, for greater transparency, and because we want your trip to really start on the day of your registration (preparing for a trip is as important as the trip itself), we have made it clear to fill in the circuits.

This can be read according to several « statutes », described as follows:

 Confirmed departure:

The trip has enough registrants to be sure to leave. The group has reached its minimum number of registrations to be guaranteed… therefore, its status changes and the departure becomes « confirmed ». Any new registrant will be certain to leave (except in exceptional cases, such as a massive and unpredictable cancellation). He will therefore be able to start preparing for the trip (formalities, health, information, etc.).

Being confirmed:

The circuit already has one or more registrants. However, the minimum number of participants has not yet been reached. Will your registration result in a change of status?

A trip « in the process of being confirmed » suggests the enthusiasm of travelers for this trip on a specific date. It becomes very encouraging to have access to this information when planning a circuit!

Complete :

No need to describe this situation! The circuit has been very successful, it is now complete. If our capacities allow it and if the ground allows it, then maybe the capacity of the group will be doubled?

If not, maybe you can be put on a waiting list in case cancellations show up!

This is why, if your availability does not allow you to postpone your departure to another date, if this trip was the one of your dreams… do not hesitate to ask us about the possibility of registering for a trip that is already full. A withdrawal can take place at any time!

From 5 participants:

A trip must have a minimum number of participants to be insured. This number varies from one circuit to another, from one date to another. We indicate this minimum by the mention « from 5 participants ».

Attention !

If there is no indication, as opposed to the mention « being confirmed », this means that there is not yet anyone registered for this trip! A priori… you will be the first! But don’t let that scare you! You always need a first registrant because the mention « in the process of being confirmed » which will follow will always attract more people!


A date or the scheduling of an entire trip may be cancelled. Either because the departure date is too close and the formalities too long to complete, no longer allow registrations! Either because the trip – for various and varied reasons – is no longer possible on this specific date (security, climatic reasons, exceptional unavailability of plane seats or supervisory staff, etc.).

But again… this mention may not be irremediable! For example, you are 5/6 friends, you decided at the last minute to travel on this circuit. If the conditions allow it then we can reopen the trip for you!

In travel as in life… there are never any problems! Only solutions!!!