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Exceptional exploration of the Tadjélahine plateau with Tafassaset art Voyages, specialist in rock art and the Sahara !
Between Djanet and Ilizi, there is a little-known, secret, little-visited Tassili: the Tadjélahine plateau. However, thanks to the new road connecting these two cities, it is now easy and quick to access.
The landscapes there are sublime: immense expanses of rocky peaks, in the open sky against which the ocher dunes of the edge of the Ajjer crash.
Above all, this plateau hides in its stone forests some of the most beautiful paintings in the Sahara. It is an important rock-hewn region, equal to the tassili of Tamrit and Séfar: Three of the rock shelters of Tadjélahine are eponymous sites: the caves of Ihéren, of Tahilahi, and the “tafoni” of Tin Abanière. The perfection, the originality of these paintings, their great concentration led us to think that we were here, at the source of two of the main pictorial styles of the central Sahara: the Ihéren-Tahilahi style and the Abaniora style.
Henri Lhote was not mistaken since he came in 1970 with his team of painters and photographers to survey the shelters of Iheren and Tahilahi. Did he not write: “Of all that I was able to see in Tassili and elsewhere in the world, in terms of prehistoric rock art, this shelter (Iheren) seems to me to contain the most beautiful images. I am so amazed by their splendor that I cannot take my eyes off the wall and the joy of contemplating such works raises in me a wave of immense gratitude towards these stone artists” (Towards others Tassili, 1976).
For a week, it is on a camel trek that the riches of the Tadjélahine plateau will be revealed: you will take the time to cross the plateau, to discover its secrets, its beauties, and to familiarize yourself with its many sites. Among others: Tazega Mellet, Tan Kadiwin, Ihéren, Tin Abanière, Akraren Tan Toduft, Tiherarnin, Imerda, Tadrast-Timarasaoussi, Tahilahi, Tasakarot, Issalamen…
In this magical place, nights under the stars will be even more astonishing !


Itinerary prepared with Tuareg guides from Agence Tafassasset Voyages familiar with the region. The day-by-day schedule is given as an indication and can be modified according to possible bad weather or imponderables.


A journey to bring you to discover the secrets and beauty of prehistoric life, through the largest open-air museum of prehistoric art in the world, the Tassili N'Ajjer. An enriching initiatory adventure, made up of moments to meditate, imagine, observe the periods of human life through thousands of cave paintings and engravings left on the rocks by generations of ancestors and preserved in exceptional condition. A very physical hike, accompanied by donkeys, on stony plateaus, steep cliffs, stone forests... a whole universe of labyrinths to explore, which bears the memory of submerged civilizations, in the footsteps of our ancestors.


Day 01

Djanet, Hotel

Day 02

Dider - Ihrir, Bivouac

Day 03

Ihrir - Tassili Tadjelahin plateau, Issalaman, Bivouac

Day 04

Tan Khadidja – In Amhadj – Oued Telmest Bivouac

Day 05

Tahon Tarokhet – Iheren – Tin Abenhar, Bivouac

Day 06 To 07

Iheren – Tin Abenhar – Oued Afen – Tin Toudouft, Bivouac

Day 08

Timerssaoussin - Tasakarot - Tahilahi, Bivouac

Day 09

Ihrir - Tasset - Tadr - Tidbar, Bivouac

Day 10

Tasset - Iherir - Djanet, Hotel

Day 11

Tagharghart - Djanet - Europe




1 person 2000€.

2 people leave 700€.

3 to 5 people 600€.

6 to 10 people 550€.

11 to 18 people 440€.

19 people and + 300€.



• From Europe (departure from province, contact us).

• 8days/7nights.

• Full board.

• Trek - 5 to 6 hours of walking per day.

• Difficulty level: sustained.

• Mode of transport: donkeys.

• Type of accommodation: Bivouac.

• 4 participants minimum.

• 12 participants maximum.

• Best season to experience this trip : From the end of October to the end of April.


• The beautiful reliefs at the foot of the Ajjers.

• Meeting with the inhabitants of the oases and discovery of their original traditions and culture.

• The discovery of magnificent rock paintings and engravings preserved in exceptional condition.

• The discovery of the site of Tahilahi, which is "the wonder of wonders" according to the words of Henri Lhote.

• The discovery of the site of Tassili of Tadjélahine fascinating archaeological sanctuary which contains more than five thousand rock paintings, and constitutes a true open-air museum.

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