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Camel ride Tassili Tassrirt 15 Days Tour with 9 Days Camel Trek in Tassili Tassrirt Highlights include: Circuit Djanet, Transfer by all-terrain vehicle to the meeting point with the camels and their owners in Dider, Camel ride in the Tassili Tassrirt northwest of Djanet; in front of strange rock formations, through gorges and wadis of fine sand, Peace and solitude of the desert to the rhythm of the caravan, On a hike, discover the rock carvings of Iherir, Return trip by all-terrain vehicle via Erg Admer to Djanet.


Itinerary prepared with Tuareg guides familiar with the region. The day-by-day schedule is given for information only and may be modified depending on possible bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.


A journey to lead you to discover the secrets and beauty of prehistoric life, through the largest open-air museum of prehistoric art in the world, the Tassili N’Ajjer. An enriching initiatory adventure, made up of moments to meditate, imagine, observe periods of human life through thousands of paintings and rock engravings left on the rocks by generations of ancestors and preserved in exceptional condition. A very physical hike, accompanied by donkeys, on stony plateaus, steep cliffs, stone forests... a whole universe of labyrinths to explore, which carry the memory of submerged civilizations, in the footsteps of our ancestors.


Day 01

Europe – Djanet

Departure flight in the afternoon from Europe to Algiers and continuation of the flight to Djanet in the evening. Welcome transfer to the campsite in the desert where the team has already set up the tents for our first night Hotel.

Day 02


In the morning, short visit to Djanet. Time for the registration formalities and the opportunity to get an idea of ​​this desert oasis and possibly buy a shesh (Tuareg headgear), which has proven itself against the sun and the wind.

We then start heading northwest along the road that connects Djanet to Illizi. We cross several wadis with tamarisk trees on the paved road, skirt the dunes of Erg Admer on the left and the rocky landscape of Tassili n'Ajjer on the right, pass the small village of Zaouatallaz via the steep Tin Taradjeli pass to We reach Dider in the evening and pitch our tents there for the night. The camels go to feed nearby in a wadi on this plateau Bivouac.

Day 03 To 12

Meharee from Dider to Iherir

After breakfast we admire the beautiful rock engravings of Dider. The reclining gazelle and especially the curly-haired cow are among the most beautiful rock carvings in this region. After the visit, our camel journey begins.
We start our multi-day hike in Dider and ride every day for about 2-3 hours in the morning and afternoon. On certain days and depending on the availability of food, water or the beauty of the place, the walk can only be done in the morning. If we progress well and have enough time, we will spend two nights somewhere nice. From time to time we go on short hikes with our guide to discover interesting places that are not directly on our caravan route. We always arrive at our campsites in time before sunset, so that we have time to explore this charming landscape at our leisure and take it all in. During the days with the camels, we will travel without an accompanying vehicle. You can usually ride horses, but of course you can also run if you want.

With our small caravan and our Tuareg companions, all born and raised here, we are currently traveling through the Tassili de Tassrirt region, a high plateau with bizarre and fascinating rock formations, interspersed with wadis with fine sand and green vegetation. , in which we arrive. You can also find water in some places. We are in one of the typical landscapes of Tassili n'Ajjer and are at an altitude of 1300 to 1500 meters, where it is very unlikely that we will come across other groups of tourists.

Here in this isolated region, the wind has created strange formations and figures from the rocks for millions of years. But men have also left their mark on the rocks.
In this area we see some little-known engravings and paintings that show that the Sahara was once green and fertile. Today, this landscape is rather hostile to life. Only a few Tuareg nomads still defy the forces of nature and try to preserve their traditional life in the desert. Accompanied by members of this tough nomadic people, we are currently discovering this magnificent mountain landscape.
Departing from Dider, we will visit the following places during our trip: Imassaradjen, Abichoukan, Zerzawa, Tiousaten, Erakem Noudi, Toursset, Affeyfour, Ouan Takouba and Ihouad. Wild and bizarre rock formations that always stimulate the imagination - here the Sahara shows itself from its wildest and most beautiful side. Arriving late in the afternoon, we can walk a little up and down on solid sand through gigantic rock formations and have time to admire the facets of the area. There are no limits to your imagination with this popular game: this stone or rock formation looks like...! Sometimes there are ships, sometimes animals, sometimes strange masks and much more. Above all, the light of the setting sun makes the landscape appear in the most beautiful colors.

Following the course of other gorges to the northwest, we reach a nomad camp at the end of our caravan around noon on (day 12) of the trip. Here our camel journey comes to an end and we encounter the off-road vehicles again. So it's time to say goodbye to our careful camel guides and "our" dromedaries, who we will certainly miss - some more, some less - after our time together. In the afternoon, we will head to the small village of Iherir. Tuareg families, including relatives of our companions, live here in earth and stone houses. The Iherir gorges are green, an underground spring supplies the area and has made it a paradise. Since there is no other choice in this relatively narrow gorge.

Day 13


After breakfast we go hiking with our Tuareg guide to discover the rock paintings hidden throughout the gorges and admire the landscape. After lunch and a lunch break, we leave for Djanet and leave Iherir heading southeast. At the end of the afternoon we reach the dunes of Erg Admer and set up our camp here in the middle of the sand for the night bivouac.

Day 14

Erg Admer – Djanet

After a night in the sandy sea and the obligatory breakfast, we head towards Djanet, which we reach in the morning. Time to do some final shopping before heading to our overnight camp in the desert. The afternoon at the camp is free for everyone. It can be packed away in peace or simply enjoyed one last time in the desert. After a last dinner, night transfer to Djanet airport and start of the return flight via Algiers to Europe.

Day 15

Djanet – Algiers – Europe

Arrival in Algiers early in the morning. Transfer to the international airport and flight back to Europe.




1 person 2000€.

2 people leave 700€.

3 to 5 people 600€.

6 to 10 people 550€.

11 to 18 people 440€.

19 people and + 300€.


A camel trek at a leisurely pace to cross a desert that will show you its many faces: stony plateau, dizzying cliffs sculpted by erosion, dune heaps, palm groves, ihrir, desert flowers, gueltas, rock paintings like inscribed dreams on the rock... In the middle of the immense expanses of this very beautiful region, on your mount, you will take the time to admire the exceptional atmosphere that reigns there, while experiencing the extreme freedom that nomadic life provides. A few Tassrirt walks also allow you to discover well-hidden gueltas, or rock shelters known only to hunters... A beautiful Saharan experience that will take you to the famous canyon of Tan Madain Tassatfat: a magnificent reward. An adventure intended for lovers of walking, but with a route that is also accessible to less experienced people, especially children. A curiosity to discover with the family.


  • From Europe (departure from province, contact us).

• 15 days/14 nights.

• Full board.

• Camel trek, with saddle camels (1 dromedary per person).

• Level of difficulty: easy.

• Mode of transport: dromedaries.

• Type of accommodation: bivouac.

• 4 participants minimum.

• 12 participants maximum.

• Best season to experience this trip: From the end of October to the end of April.


• Meeting with the inhabitants of the oases and discovery of their original traditions and culture.

• Discovery of a great diversity of Saharan landscapes.

• Discovery of Erg Admer.

• The arrival on the wadi and the Dider d Tassili • The special atmosphere created by the camel trek and the camel team.

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