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The Hoggar (from the Berber Ahaggar) is a chain of mountains in the Sahara in southern Algeria. It is located just west of Tamanrasset, its highest point culminating at 3,003 meters is Mount Tahat. The Hoggar is essentially made up of volcanic rocks. The climate is very hot in summer, and it can freeze on winter nights. The rains are limited and sporadic. Due to a less extreme climate than the rest of the Sahara, the Hoggar is an important refuge for certain animal and plant species. From an ecological point of view, it can be differentiated from the rest of the Sahara. The Atakor In the Hoggar, north of Tamanrasset, the Atakor is an almost circular volcanic plateau with an average height of 2000 meters. The Atakor is the highest massif in the Hoggar. Bristling with famous peaks which culminate at 3003 m near the summit of Assekrem, it offers an astonishing variety of shapes and colors. At the bottom of the canyons nest Gueltas, natural basins of clear water, and rock engravings, witnesses of the millennial civilization of Hoggar. These peaks are made up of old chimneys of volcanoes released by erosion.

Absolut' desert 

Hiking in Algeria in the sublime The Hoggarb, the most beautiful circuit in the central Sahara If you want to know the sensations offered by the desert, without the constraints of life in a bivouac, this trip is made for you. Every morning you leave aboard your 4x4 to discover the spectacular geological treasures embedded in this part of the desert: high mountainous reliefs, volcanic massifs, steep cliffs, immense crystalline plateaus covered with lava... and every evening you find the comfort of your hotel. A gentle expedition, which will give you great emotions and leave you with lasting memories. In the company of your French-speaking Tuareg guide and his team, we offer 9 days of camel trekking in the mineral and majestic setting of the Hoggar to the hermitage of Charles de Foucault and 7 days of walking with the assistance of our 4× 4 discovering this incredible space, sandstone peaks and rock carvings, Atakour. The nights are under the stars. The cumulative drop in the Hoggar is 750m. 9 days of travel including 7 days of camel trekking in the mineral and majestic setting of the Hoggar to the hermitage of Charles de Foucault and 6 days of walking, with the assistance of our 4x4s to discover the Hoggar. Difficulty: walking 4 to 6 hours per day Accommodation: Inn and under the stars in a bivouac. Family: adults Period: November to April

Tamanrasset, mythical city, is the starting point of this Saharan expedition which gradually reveals its great diversity of desert reliefs and its geological treasures spectacular : from the Hoggar and the sites of Assekrem with the hermitage of Father de Foucauld, to the Tassilis du Hoggar and its mineral archipelagos bordered by the draped dunes, passing by the cool waterfalls of Tamekreste which give a "seaside" touch to this mineral world, set off aboard a 4x4 to discover the most sumptuous and spectacular landscapes of the central Sahara, which can be visited like a museum of erosion. A complete itinerary that allows you in a single short trip to embrace all the diversity offered by the desert, up to the edge of the Nigerien Ténéré. For lovers of long 4x4 crossings, nights in bivouac and small quiet hikes that will make you appreciate the silence of this unique universe. The evenings around tea, under the stars, are prolonged in the light and the heat of the embers.


Day 01

Europe – Tamanrasset

Installation in the Saharan cottage.

Day 02

Tamanrasset – Tanguet

After breakfast, transfer to the Tangue basin Meeting with the camel team at the foot of Mount Immerous. Departure of the hike after lunch through a multitude of peaks, Oussouk, Targra (engravings), Ekneouen (The Twins). Bivouac next to the Tetaqaout wadi.

Day 03

Adrar Tanguet – Tameslil

We evolve until afternoon through lush vegetation along the wadi. Bivouac in the Timeslil wadi.

Day 04

Temeslil –Tineftaouin

Change of scenery, our caravan now continues its ascent in the meanders of small wadis and through a mineral world where we can find water points to water camels and supply water. Bivouac in the Tineftaouine wadi.

Day 05

Tineftaouine – Taguelguist

Stop at the Guelta d'Afilal, a river where vegetation is abundant in the middle of a stony desert setting. We continue this magnificent stage to survey the slopes of the Atakor, winding through a parade of small wadis. Bivouac in the Taguelguist wadi.

Day 06

Teguelguist – Assekrem – Tinseghin

We begin our ascent of Assekrem. We leave the caravan that we will find in the evening at the bivouac to arrive at the top of the massif (2728 m). Visit of the hermitage of Father De Foucauld. Here the view is exceptional on the most beautiful peaks of Atakor, Adrar Tizouyag, Adrdr Saouinen, Tadraq Oul, Adrar Taridalt. Meeting with the little brothers. Bivouac in Tinséghin, at the bottom of the massif.

Day 07

Izaranan – Tamanrasset – Taghmart:

Arrival of vehicles the day before for an early morning departure in 4×4 towards the southeast towards Abalassa Tomb of the Tuareg queen of Tin hinan

Day 08

Abalassa 70 km – Tamanrasset

Early departure with our 4×4, in the direction of Tamanrasset which we will reach at the beginning of the afternoon. Lunch at Oued Eneddi next to the nomadic camp. Installation at the hostel. In the afternoon, we will visit the city with our guide (market, museum, etc.). Dinner at the campsite.

Day 09


Breakfast at the hotel or inn.
Afternoon or free day in Tamanrasset, depending on the return flight schedule.
Transfer with assistance to Tamanrasset airport.
Flight to Europe on a regular flight via Algiers.




1 person: 1500€.

2 people leave 750€.

3 to 5 people 650€.

6 to 10 people 550€.

11 to 18 people450€.

19 people and more250€.

• Departing from Algiers (departure from the provinces, contact us).

• 9days/8nights

• Full board

• Camel trek, with saddle camels (1 dromedary per person).

• Level of difficulty: easy

• Mode of transport: dromedaries.

• Type of accommodation: bivouac.

• 4 participants minimum.

• 12 participants maximum.

• Best season to experience this trip : From the end of October to the end of April THE ADVANTAGES OF THE OFFER.

• Meeting with the inhabitants of the oases and discovery of their original traditions and culture

• Discovery of a great diversity of Saharan landscapes

• Discovery of the Tahat Atakour 3003m Altitude.

• The arrival on the Eknouan wadi.

• The special atmosphere created by the camel trek and the camel team.

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