The Algerian tour operator TAFASSASSET ART VOYAGES. An agency of the Telerhteba family, created in 1975, which returns with new spirits under the name of Tafassasset Voyages.

Tafassasset voyages was born from Telerhteba, the great guide and designer of trips in the Hoggar desert and Tassili Abdallah Ben Mansour. AbdelKarim torchbearer with a new vision, the objective is to complement the advice of the last peoples who inhabited the desert for centuries in the Sahara desert, a vision to diversify the concept of human travel and the cultures of the peoples of the desert and the coast of the Sahara through the global link with the south, responsible tourism.

We are well aware that tourism does not only have positive effects on the sensitive desert ecosystem.

We are facing up to the resulting responsibility through an environmentally and socially responsible mode of transport, which mainly benefits the inhabitants. We believe that people valued and shared in success are not only the best guarantors of the preservation of these unique living spaces, but also of the well-being and safety of our guests. With us you can travel through the most beautiful desert landscapes of Hoggar and Tassili n’Ajjer our trips focusing on the Sahara Even if we want and seek encounters with the people of the Sahara where we travel, maintain close contacts with local companions and are interested in the cultures of our travel countries, Most of our trips clearly focus on experiences of nature and the vastness of landscape.

The more empty and hostile a region appears to life, the more fulfilling and livable it is for us. The name says it all: THE DESERT Tafassasset – the desert determines the Saharan destinations.

Experience in tourism, dates back to 1975, Tafassasset Voyages, is an Algerian tour operator that organizes trips and stays in Algeria and abroad. Our incoming department is composed of 5 departments, which offers trips to different types of customers

  • Department – Classic Tours
  • Department – VIP Tours
  • Department – Student Tours
  • Department – Lady Tours
  • Department – Family Tour

Our seaside circuits on 1200 km of Mediterranean, Northern Mountains, Saharan Atlas, Oasis and Gourara, Tassili and Ahaggar. They take place in comfortable buses, recent 4x4s, trekking and meharées, depending on the product chosen.

Tafassasset Art Voyages is a team of experienced and motivated professionals, they always ensure the best services and also guarantee the comfort and safety of our guests.

We collaborate with several T.O and agencies in Europe and Asia.

Visit the world in Algeria! African and Mediterranean, Algeria is a country of natural contrasts of immense cultural diversity, historical richness it is a country where several civilizations have succeeded each other from Tassili in the south, 5000 years before Egypt of the Pharaohs to the coast.

Numidians, Berbers, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Spaniards, Turks, French… both have lived on this soil bequeathing to Algeria, a priceless multi-civilizational treasure.

Algeria, this vast country half green, half yellow on the world map, is an ideal choice, a wise escape for those who love adventure, discoveries and thrills. A true crossroads where centuries, civilizations and continents meet and intersect. A world apart! A mode in itself! When visiting Algeria, the tourist is forever marked by its mesmerizing beauty, its confusing diversity, both geographically or ethnically and culture.

We’d love it if we could spark your interest in the way we trave.