The Djurdjura (Berber: ⴵⵕⴵⵕ, Ǧeṛǧeṛ) is a mountain range in northern Algeria, on the Mediterranean border, constituting the longest mountain range of Kabylia. Lenticular in shape, it extends over a length of nearly 110 km. It belongs to the Atlas Mountains.

The Djurdjura rises to 2,308 meters at the top of Lalla Khedidja. The mountain passes connecting the valleys often exceed 1,000 m above sea level.

There are two parts of Djurdjura, namely the northern slope, which includes part of the wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou (Draâ El-Mizan, Boghni, Ouadhias, Ouacifs, Ath-Yenni, Ain El-Hammam, Iferhounène), and the southern slope, including the northern limits of the wilaya of Bouira, including El Esnam, Bechloul, M’chedallah, Haizer, Ath Laziz, Chorfa and neighboring municipalities dependent on the wilaya of Béjaïa, in this case, Tazmalt, Boudjellil and Ath-Mellikeche.

It is also on this southern slope that we find the plain or valley of Djurdjura, properly called, called in particular valley of « Sahel-Djurdjura », extending from the commune of Tazmalt to Lakhdaria (ex-Palestro).

The site is also a biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO since 1997.