Constantine, the ancient Cirta, the citadel of the Numidian kings, has inscribed in the rock the whole epic of ecological upheavals. This city in eastern Algeria is built on a majestic rock located on both sides of Oued Rhumel. It is thus surrounded by real natural obstacles. It is the city of vertigo thanks in particular to its canyon, its escarpments, and its bridges built in the colonial era. Alexandre Dumas experienced this emotion when visiting it: “a cry of admiration, almost of stupor at the bottom of the dark gorges on the crest of a mountain bathed in the last reddish reflections of a setting sun, appeared a fantastic city. Something like GULIVER ISLAND”.

Go for this short stay to discover this exhilarating city where you will admire the grandiose beauty of its landscapes, its magical spectacle where reality is part of the dream and the imagination. An excursion to Djémila, the ancient « Cuicul », will allow you to admire the impressive remains it houses, which are all living witnesses to the history of civilizations. Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is a veritable open-air museum and one of the most important Roman cities in North Africa.